Tecnova works on the development of new technologies for the pistachio sector

Tecnova’s Plant Production area is working on the CHIOTec project on the development of new technological processes to improve crop productivity in semi-arid conditions, thus promoting the implementation of new pistachio plantations.

One of the main objectives of the project is to increase the productivity of pistachio cultivation in semi-arid conditions through the development of biotechnological management strategies and predictive models. The tasks associated with this specific objective are focused on the development of tools to improve the productivity of pistachio crops in semi-arid conditions. Some of these tasks are focused on solving existing technical problems in pistachio cultivation, while other tasks are focused on the adoption of new technologies to improve the efficiency in the use of available natural resources and optimize the management of inputs. agricultural in the cultivation of pistachio. Finally, the validation of different developments will be carried out to solve technical problems in pistachio cultivation and the evaluation of the improvement in productivity and nutraceutical quality of the pistachio fruits produced.

To do this, the technology center works in collaboration with the companies Almeriplant, Agrobío, Biocrisara and Iberopistacho, the union of players in the sector to offer solutions to the main problems of pistachio cultivation in Spain. It is a project financed with the help of ERDF funds provided through the Innterconecta program managed by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI).