(CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility

Tecnova is committed to society and environment

Tecnova Foundation is committed to society and environment; therefore, it carries out a range of actions and commitments aimed at meeting some ethical principles and thus generating different benefits for the whole society.


Goals and objectives

With the Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility plan, Tecnova pursues the fulfillment of the following objectives:

Guarantee satisfaction and welfare of the society

One of Tecnova’s main objectives has been and continues to be to engage with society, with its food safety and to promote collaboration.




  • Assess the degree of health of society.
  • Promote healthy eating, especially in children and the elderly.
  • Express in a clear and transparent way the information regarding the problems that lead to a bad diet and the benefits of a healthy diet.
  • Collaborate in the sustainable development of underdeveloped countries, training them in the construction and creation of agricultural models.
  • Maintain the “Customer Commitment”.
  • Promote and increase collaboration in campaigns for non-profit organizations with brochures, flyers and / or messages in the different information channels.
Minimize the environmental impact

Another concern that the Tecnova Technology Center maintains is respect for the environment. Business activities generate and produce an impact on the environment. In this regard, Tecnova tries to minimize this impact, identify it and evaluate it beforehand in order to carry out the necessary actions to reduce it. In this sense, Tecnova carries out certain specific measures for said improvement of environmental management.




  • Evaluate and identify the main environmental impacts that Tecnova produces with its activity.
  • Establish improvement objectives to reduce said impacts.
  • Optimize energy consumption. Implement an energy efficiency plan.
  • Keep systematic control of energy consumption, paper and waste production (including waste generated by workers).
Motivation and implication of human resources in the continuous improvement of the company

Tecnova is mindful of the great work, effort and commitment of its team, which is why it takes care of its staff in aspects such as non-discrimination, participatory management, continuous training, balance between work, family and leisure, business ethics and health and safety at work.




  • Control and manage all the steps and responsible parties necessary to achieve objectives.
  • Ensure the motivation and involvement of HR for the continuous improvement of the company.
  • Encourage worker involvement in projects.
  • Evaluate the degree of worker satisfaction. Increase it.
  • Ensure the stability of the workforce and the retention of “talents”.
  • Include CSR in employee training.
  • Develop a system to encourage worker participation with suggestions.
Get involved with the community and the social fabric

Tecnova as a Technology Center concerned with society, ensures the transfer of knowledge and technology. It is one of the priority axes of the center, to transfer the technology of the Almerian agricultural model through the implementation of a series of measures adapting to the agricultural and climatic conditions of the neighboring country.


In this sense, Tecnova intends to strengthen relations between both countries, having the opportunity to work and contribute knowledge and value as benchmarks in technology transfer, innovation and training in agricultural technology.