Technological services

Greenhouse Technology

We provide services in the field of greenhouse technology, sensors and traceability related to the agribusiness sector.

  • Design and calculation of greenhouse structures and climate control.
  • Validation of characteristics of irrigation emitters.
  • Drop size evaluation in sprays.
  • Implementation of new techniques for optimizing resources (saving in water, energy, supplies, etc.).

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  • Design and optimization of processes in agro-industry.
  • Application of robotic technology to agriculture
  • Development of algorithms for agriculture (predictive models).
  • Technology optimization in high productivity crops.

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Plant Production and the Environment

Tecnova Technology Centre has 14 different sorts of greenhouse infrastructures for all types of trials.

  • Validation of new products, agricultural inputs and technologies applied to agriculture.
  • Evaluation of new greenhouse designs and greenhouse climate control systems.
  • Evaluation of new ICT technologies for the management of horticultural crops under greenhouse.
  • Evaluation of the behavior of new materials and substrates for agricultural use under greenhouse.

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  • Phenotypic evaluation of horticultural varieties, parental backcrossing and seed production.
  • Evaluation of nutritional products and technologies applied to fertigation.
  • Evaluation of the efficacy of phytosanitary products and phyto-fortifiers for plant health.
  • Officially recognized tests for the registration of phytosanitary and nutritional products formulated with microorganisms.
  • Evaluation of new natural enemies for the phytosanitary control of horticultural crops.
  • Evaluation of renewable energy producing devices.
  • Greenhouse field validation of new plastic materials.

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Postharvest Technology

We work in packaging and preservation and handling treatments for food safety of 4th and 5th range fruit and vegetables.

  • Development and testing of eco-sustainable substitute products for chlorine and hydrogen peroxide in the agri-food industry.
  • Physical sanitation treatments and application of clean technologies: Treatment with UV-C light, thermal shocks, etc.
  • Characterization of physico-chemical and sensory properties of new varieties.
  • Effect of agronomic practices on nutritional quality and post-harvest behavior.

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  • Combined strategies to extend post-harvest shelf life.
  • Development of protocols for the elaboration of new formats IV and V Range in fruit and vegetable products.
  • Development and testing of natural compounds as preservatives for IV Gama products.
  • Protective atmospheres studies and packaging design.
  • Metabolic characterization of fruit and vegetable varieties: study of respiratory activity and ethylene emission in whole product and cut 2.3.10. Biochemical and nutritional characterization of varieties fruit and vegetable: study of functional and nutritional properties of whole and processed product during its shelf life.
  • Cold damage study during the pre-harvest phase and / or during the cold storage.
  • Study of the microbiological quality of fruit and vegetable products and food safety.
  • Evaluation of the effect of bioproducts in the post-harvest phase to reduce incidences of rot.
  • Revaluation of agro-industrial by-products.
  • Kinetics models of the deterioration of fruit and vegetable products.
  • Development and testing of new dehydrated products.
  • Development of new conservation strategies in processed products based on clean labeling.
  • Post-harvest studies and advice.
  • Evaluation of handling lines using electronic fruit.
  • Gastronomic innovation laboratory.
    • Development of new transformed products.
      • Dehydrated
      • Creams
      • Juices
      • Smoothies
      • Vegetable pates
    • Nutritional optimization.
    • Healthy food.
    • Gastronomic meetings.
    • Presentations of new products.
    • Organization of Show cooking with great chefs.
  • Sensory analysis laboratory.
    • Analytical Studies working with a Panel of Tasters formed and trained at Tecnova.
    • Preference studies work with a Consumer Panel or focus group.
    • Quantitative-descriptive sensory analysis (QDA) techniques, sorting tests, CATA analysis (check-allthat-apply), etc.

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Healthy and Biotechnology

We carry out services in nutrition, microbiology, food security, agriculture and plastic materials.

  • Nutritional analysis and labeling
    • Nutritional parameters.
    • Physico-chemical parameters.
    • Macro and micronutrients.
    • Flavor parameters.
    • Volatile compounds.
    • Identification and analysis of bioactive and healthy components present in food.
  • Food Safety Laboratory
    • Microbiology Laboratory.
    • Heavy metal concentration analysis using ICP.
    • Pesticide residues.
    • Species identification by PCR.
    • Analysis of conservation atmospheres by gas chromatography.

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  • Agricultural laboratory
    • Foliar and fruit analysis.
    • Water analysis and irrigation solutions.
    • Phytosanitary and pathological analysis.
  • Laboratory of plastic materials
    • Component identification and analysis.
    • Chlorine and Sulfur concentration analysis – CEPLA Method.
    • Concentration analysis of iron and copper.
    • UV-visible transmission analysis.
    • Thermicity analysis.
    • Mechanical properties evaluation.

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Experience in innovation management, results transfer (OTRI), training and internationalization.


It contemplates the execution of Tecnova’s own R & D & I projects and projects in collaboration with public and private companies and research centers.

  • Innovation Management
    • Search for subsidies of interest and request for aid for R&D projects for companies.
    • Constitution, coordination and monitoring of companies-research centers consortiums for R&D projects.
    • Continuous monitoring and advice in the process of execution and justification of R&D projects in the company.
    • Information and guidance in the field of taxation.
    • Studies on the state of the art and the technique of the project.

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  • Transfer of Results (OTRI)
    • Coordination of technological innovation projects.
    • Facilitate the transfer of technology and knowledge.
    • Dissemination and organization of technical conferences and seminars.
    • Search for financing to companies.
    • Processing of patents and utility models.
    • Technological surveillance.
    • Scientific dissemination and dissemination.


Consulting and Markting
  • Development of the corporate website.
  • Completion of electronic newsletters.
  • Updating news on social networks.
  • Press office.
  • Studies and publications of the sector.
  • Employment exchange.
  • Application and monitoring of trademarks and distinctive signs.


  • Internal
    • Through an annual training program according to the needs of the staff.
  • External
    • Holding conferences, seminars and workshops with successful companies and gurus.
    • Training in technology and agricultural skills on demand both nationally and internationally.


  • Organization of promotional actions for companies, including Direct and Reverse Trade Missions.
  • Participation in international agricultural fairs representing the sector.
  • Carrying out agricultural development plans and market studies in emerging markets.
  • Actions to transfer knowledge and technologies in the fruit and vegetable sector at government and business levels.
  • Development of pilot projects for horticultural greenhouses according to the needs of the country.
  • Search for projects of interest to associated companies.

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Industrial Development

We adapt technological solutions to the needs of the sector, facilitating digital transformation in agriculture.


  • IoT: Design and Development of adapted weather stations
  • Data Science: Data Analysis for Predictive Modeling
  • Artificial Intelligence: robotics and control studies and projects