Tecnova works on the development of an exoskeleton for agricultural tasks

The development of the exoskeleton is the main objective of the Agriesqueletor project, in which the company GOGOA and Tecnova are working.

GOGOA has extensive experience in carrying out industrial innovation and development activities and projects. GOGOA has developed a business model based on the rental and sale of equipment for the development of rehabilitation processes in hospitals and health centers and on their sale to individuals and companies, both to avoid injuries and for the rehabilitation of the themselves and as a mobility support system.

The agricultural tasks and the effort destined to their realization make it necessary to start the development of this tool, specifically designed to support agricultural operators during the performance of their daily tasks, such as plant transplant operations, trellising, detailing, cleaning of weeds, harvesting of fruits or movements of loads.

Through a previous investigation, about the needs and challenges of the tasks, Tecnova will test the design proposed between the different agricultural works in order to carry out its constructive validation. After different tests and agricultural work tests under controlled conditions, the results obtained will be analyzed to determine the scope of the equipment and its real possibility of improving working conditions in the sector.

Practical objectives for the improvement of working conditions

The main objective being the reduction of physical problems derived from this work and consequently reducing sick leave due to this problem. Agriesqueletor will also be launched to facilitate the lifting and movement of heavy loads, improve productivity in agricultural tasks, ensure the comfort, practicality of the agricultural worker and offer an economically viable product for the sector.