Tecnova studies different biocidal methods and products and their application

Tecnova works to obtain new products for agriculture, from pre to post-harvest, hence the work from its different areas for the development and study of the application of new products such as biocides and their subsequent application in production processes.

Tecnova, from the Postharvest Technology area, works with the company Servicios Técnicos de Canarias (STC – Clodos Technology) in the study of biocidal effectiveness of a new product used for the disinfection of washing water for fruit and vegetable products. The objective of the test is the sanitizing evaluation of the product developed on different fruits. Proceeding with a previous contamination and carrying out the sanitization process, we can check the disinfectant capacity of the formulated product.

The STC – Clodos Technology company focuses its activity on carrying out R&D actions for the development, manufacture and commercialization of its own technologies, as well as in the search and application of those others that allow it to offer its clients technical advice and specialized service.