Tecnova evaluates new edible coatings in fruits and vegetables

The Postharvest Technology area carries out evaluation trials of new products of postharvest interest, as is the case of edible coatings. In the facilities of the pilot plant of the Tecnova Technological Center, studies of the application of new post-harvest products are carried out on fruits and vegetables.

To do this, the product handling and application processes are simulated, as well as the transport and conservation of the fruits. In this way, we can evaluate not only the viability and ease of application of the new product to be evaluated, but also its effect on the storage capacity and main post-harvest quality parameters.

Tecnova is currently evaluating in collaboration with the company Organic Foods Factory the effectiveness of a new edible coating formulation based on aloe vera. The product is being used to cover fruits, such as strawberries, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini and aubergines. In said test, the evaluation of the application form of this new formula has been carried out, as well as its effectiveness in the conservation of the fruits, mainly focused on the ability to control weight losses during the preservation of the fruits, as well as well as in the improvement of their visual quality.