Tecnova brings the international innovation opportunity to Almeria companies

Tecnova, through a consortium with more than 30 companies, works to accelerate the digital transformation of agriculture with the use of technology in the Agrobofood Project. Tecnova Technological Center is a Digital Innovation Center (DIH) which is in charge of offering support to companies in the region. Therefore, they help all stakeholders to find investors that facilitate access to financing for digital transformation and enable the connection between users and providers of digital innovation throughout the value chain.

agROBOfood aims to establish a network of Digital Innovation Centers (DIH) that will focus on providing their experience and infrastructure to actors in the agri-food domain who wish to transform their business with the use of robotic technologies. The structure of the IHL network is based on the geographical location of IHL, as end users tend to seek activities and services close to home. agROBOfood has seven Regional Clusters that cover the entire European territory.

They have digital innovation centers throughout the European continent: Northern Europe, Northwest, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Central Eastern Europe, Central Northern Europe and Southern Eastern Europe. With all the centers distributed throughout the territory, the connection between companies and different areas produces a transfer of technology and experience that make the project accessible to all companies in the sector and on the continent.

With its monthly newsletter you can find out all the news of the project by areas and digital innovation centers, number 3 was dedicated to the Spain-Portugal area. We leave you here, all the deliveries available so far.

Project Newsletter # 1

Project Newsletter # 2

Project Newsletter # 3

Project Newsletter # 4

Project Newsletter # 5

Tecnova, like DIH, offers all companies the opportunity for international innovation in the sector through robotics and technology. In the following link you can request information and learn even more about the figure of the Technology Center within the Agrobofood Project. Click here.