Quality, environment and R&D&i

The purpose of the TECNOVA FOUNDATION is to provide a good service in the field of “Training, Promotion and R + D + i for the Auxiliary Industry of Agriculture and Postharvest. Tests for plastic film. Multielemental determination. Useful life studies ”.



• Only the quality of our services will allow us to keep our employers / clients; efficiency and continuous improvement will allow us to attract new employers / clients.

• It is a commitment of EVERYONE to provide business solutions, through a united team that guarantees a quality service to the employer / client, as well as ensuring good professional practices and the quality of the tests.

The tests are carried out ensuring impartiality. Taking measures to ensure that management and staff are free from any undue pressure or influence, internal or external, commercial, financial or otherwise, that may harm the quality of their work and ensuring the confidentiality of information and results.

• It is a commitment of EVERYONE to meet the requirements of the employer / client and all interested parties, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, UNE 166002 and ISO 17025.

• It is EVERYONE’s commitment to be continuously informed of the innovations and technological changes required in the market, as well as to support all R & D & I activities and the demand of the Agricultural sector to improve competitiveness for the benefit of our employers / clients.

• It is everyone’s commitment to work with a focus on risk management in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality, environmental and R & D & I management system.

• We are committed to continuously preventing pollution.



To be a reference and provider of technological knowledge with international projection in the technologies applied to fruit and vegetable production, marketing, post-harvest and packaging.



1.- TRAINING: Employee training will be improved so that they have the highest level of excellence in the tasks they perform.


• There is a young team with the same desire to be supportive and useful to our employers / clients. The workers will put the maximum interest in carrying out the tasks entrusted to them to achieve the objectives of the Foundation. ALL workers must be committed to quality and know the quality documentation and applicable procedures.

• Promotion by ALL workers of creativity in the identification and characterization of ideas, objectives and technological scenarios.

• People, those who are in contact with the employer / client, must detect the problems, opportunities and points of view necessary for continuous improvement.

• We will transmit the culture of quality and the environment to all staff and suppliers, making them aware of the importance of their role in sustainability, protection and respect for the environment and in contributing to the image sought with the employer / client and other interested parties .

3.- QUALITY GUARANTEE: In no case will the patrons / clients question the quality of the services offered due to the uncontrolled growth of the Foundation.

• The tests will always be carried out in accordance with established methods and customer requirements.
4.- R & D & I SYSTEM: The R & D & I management system will be the tool that will allow us to improve our services as well as create new ones.

• An exploitation of the results of the R + D + i management will be carried out, which allows, within the maximum confidentiality, to make the most of the results obtained.

5.-ENVIRONMENT: Manage the center, in such a way as to reduce negative environmental impacts and the use of natural resources.


In Almería, on September 12, 2019