The Bioeconomy a main axis in agriculture

The Tecnova Technological Center has held the online bioeconomy conference, in which it has presented three projects developed by the center in this line. Within the call Order of Agents of the Andalusian System of Knowledge PAIDI 2020 Tecnova has carried out three projects: Chipnature (Postharvest Technology), Entonatur (Biotechnology) and Tecnobio (Plant Production).

It is vital, for the Technology Center, to continue betting on lines of work such as the bioeconomy, which increasingly shows that it is a form of sustainable and environmentally friendly production, while helping to reduce expenses in production. To continue advancing in the inclusion of the bioeconomy in our agriculture it is necessary to continue betting on innovation, science and research in this line.

The projects presented at the conference were:

Chipnature: Combined technologies for the development of fortified foods with modified texture.

The Chipnature project has been launched and developed by the Center’s Postharvest Technology area. They have worked to offer added value to surplus production of two of the most representative fruit and vegetable products in the sector, such as avocado, the main Andalusian subtropical, and cucumber, one of the products with the largest wintering area cultivated in Andalusia.

Entonatur: Use of larvae for the bioconversion of agricultural residues into high added value compounds.

The Biotechnology area has carried out the Entonatur project, which aims to use insects as vectors to increase the potential of their composition through the use of residues from the fruit and vegetable industry, using them as food for them.

Tecnobio: Development of new technologies applied to innovations in agroindustrial bioeconomy.

The Tecnobio project has been carried out in the area of ​​Plant Production. The objective of the same is the development of methodologies and work protocols that contribute to the adoption of a more sustainable vegetable production system, addressing several of the problems detected in fertilization, pest management and waste management with a combined strategy.