What is Tecnova?

It is a technology centre for the Ancillary Industry for Agriculture, Postharvest and Food production packaging, comprising over 120 companies. Working in connection with R&D&I, training, company promotion and internationalization, it is able to offer quality services tailored to the needs of the sector in a responsible, dynamic and reliable way, whilst always seeking continuous improvement for its companies.

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Tecnova is a reference center agribusiness in Technology for grower, Postharvest and Packaging Technology

ensayos agronomicos 2 600x387Tecnova has broad experience in developing Indoor agriculture in hot and warm weather conditions.

It is working hard to improve horticultural techniques to achieve the highest productivity in warm and hot climates through innovation in climate control technology and  greenhouse construction amongst many others.

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Our headquarter is located in the Almería Science and Technology Park 

It has different facilities: Pilot plants for Minimally Processed Fresh Foods as well as Robotics and Artificial Vision, Laboratories providing analysis for: plastic films; physico-chemistry; postharvest and nutrition; microbiology and lamp growth chambers; sensory analysis and gastronomical innovation.

Tecnova has an Experimental Centre for technology and agricultural trials, is just 10 minutes journey away from the main headquarters near the town of Viator.

This agricultural research centre has 12 hectares worth of facilities including: 15 different types of greenhouse, an office building with training and knowledge transfer rooms, 3 irrigation reservoirs and 6 water storage tanks.

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Centro Tecnológico Tecnova

Parque Tecnológico de Almería (PITA)
Avd. de la Innovación, 23. 04131 El Alquián-Almería
+34 950 29 0822

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