The purpose of the TECNOVA FOUNDATION is to provide a high level of service to the area of “Training, Promotion and R&D&I for the Ancillary Industry to Agriculture. Trials for plastic film. Multi-element determination. Studies on shelf life studies”.

Only will the quality of our services allow us to retain our trustees / clients; efficiency and continuous improvement will enable us to attract new patrons / customers.

It is an obligation for EVERYONE to provide business solutions, through a united team that guarantees quality service to the trustee / client, as such ensuring good professional practice and quality in research trials.

It is an obligation for EVERYONE to meet satisfy the requirements of the trustee / client as well as the statutory and regulatory requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, UNE 166002: 2006 and ISO 17025: 2005 standards

It is an obligation for EVERYONE to be always be up to date with the necessary innovations and technological changes in the market, as such supporting all R&D&I activities and keeping up with the demands of agricultural sector to improve competitiveness for the benefit of our trustees / clients.

It is an obligation for EVERYONE to work continuously towards improving the effectiveness of the quality, environment and R&D&I management systems.

We are committed to the continuous prevention of pollution.


1. TRAINING: Improve staff training to strive for the highest level of excellence in the work they carry out.

We have a young team with a common desire to be supportive and helpful to our trustees / clients. Workers shall attach the greatest value to performing the tasks assigned to them in order to achieve the goals of the Foundation. ALL workers must be committed to quality and be aware of quality documentation and procedures.

Impetus from ALL workers regarding creativity in the identification and classification of ideas, goals and technological scenarios.
Those who deal with the trustee / client should identify problems, opportunities and perspectives necessary for continuous improvement.
Convey the culture of quality and environment to all staff and suppliers, making them aware of the importance of their role in sustainability, protection and respect regarding the environment and in contributing towards the desired image for the trustee / client and other parties.

3. QUALITY ASSURANCE: Never will the trustees / clients will be in doubt regarding the quality of services offered due to circumstances outside the control of the Foundation.

The trials will always be carried out according to established methods and the requirements of clients.

4. R&D&I SYSTEM: The R&D&I management system is the tool that allows us to improve our services and create new ones.
The operation of the R&D&I management system will be carried out in such a way to allow, under maximum confidentiality, full advantage to be taken of the results.

5.-ENVIRONMENT: Manage the centre in such a way that negative impacts on the environment and use of natural resources are kept to a minimum.

Almeria, May 9, 2014

Centro Tecnológico Tecnova

Parque Tecnológico de Almería (PITA)
Avd. de la Innovación, 23. 04131 El Alquián-Almería
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